ACE-4654 CP

Product Information

  • Needle tachometer and digital multi-functions in one, displays needle tachometer, speedometer, clock, temperature and fuel meter simultaneously.
  • Adjustabel 7 colors LCD backlightr by user.
  • Allows end user to adjust oeometer when the odometer is less than 30km, after that the odometer is always stored in memory even when the power is off.
  • The Aluminum CNC main unit built-in 4-6 LED indicators for different purpose application.
  • Three options fuel meter input resistance +/-100,250 and 510 Ohm are available. The fuel bar will be disappeared when the unit detects not resistance is connected.
  • Universal tachometer input resistance options.
  • Universal speed sensing circuit for reed sensor and hall sensor.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting rang: 1-3999mm.
  • 100sets lf LAP timer, each data includes AVG, Lap and Trip.
  • Excellent water resistant, antivibration structure and noise immunity design.
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