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• Simultaneously displays tachometer, speedometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge and bar-graph temperature meter as well as one of the other functions.
• Backlight can be switched to come on with ignition or vehicle headlights. 
• Needle tachometer has scale of 0 - 15,000rpm
• Acceleration and deceleration timers as well as distance timer for racing practice.
• Features a 99 lap timer needs optional cable connected remote control switch.
• Fast processor so can connect to pulse type gearbox speed sensors. 
• Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm.
• Gear indicator which calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM.
• Fuel gauge which can connect to 0 – 1000 Ohm senders (adjustable in 10 ohm steps), and 'low fuel' tank senders.
• Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, temperature sensor, fitting kits, wiring harness. 
• Excellent water resistance, with anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design. 
• CE and E mark certificated. 
• EM & IR receivers and IR transmitter for automated lap timing are available as accessories.
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